Lutryens – those who live within the walls of the town of Lutry are also named after a cheeky little animal. Which one? To find out come to this little village in Vaud, have a walk around the village, look up! Follow him!

First stop is the village church. Look up at the west window. On either side you will find a little animal with puckered ears, squatting and chained to a ring. Then continue on to the chateau. On the lintel there is a sculpture of the same animal. Have you seen him?

At both sites you see a monkey. You can also see it on the façade of a house in the middle of the village but the sculpture was destroyed in 1855.

And that is why the inhabitants of Lutry are called ‘les singes’ !

How did this little monkey get here you may ask?

When 2 brothers, stonemasons, Uli and Jakob Bodmer moved to Switzerland from the north of Italy in the second half of the 16 th century they came to join a Bernese corporation of architects, stone masons and other construction workers. They were called the «Zunftgesellschaft zum Affen » or the ‘Monkey Guild’.

We think that because they left their mark in the carvings around the village the nick name was born.

One thing is sure : the Lutriens are proud of their mascot. Many events and associations such as Festi’Lu (lien vers rubrique à propos) use the little monkey as their logo. And why not? What could be more lovable, intelligent and cheeky then a little Zaris!!!

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